Thương hiệu: Siemen

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Liên hệ

-Hãng sản xuất : Siemens
-Tiêu chuẩn: KNX
-Xuất xứ: Đức
-Bảo hành : 24 tháng

Vận chuyển miễn phí

Hỗ trợ vận chuyển miễn phí cho đơn hàng trên 10.000.000 VNĐ

Thanh toán linh hoạt

Hỗ trợ thanh toán tiền mặt, hoặc tài khoản ngân hàng

Chăm sóc 24/7

Hỗ trợ chăm sóc khách hàng 24/7.

Uy tín thương hiệu

HINACO là thương hiệu được yêu thích và lựa chọn. Hotline tư vấn: 0828 211 333

It offers the following functions:

  • A web server for operating and observing KNX systems is incorporated in this device.
  • A standard web browser displays the operating pages,(tested browsers, see application program description)
  • A graphics web editor projects a fully graphic view withcontrol and display elements in various styles.
  • Application modules:

-Time switch schedules with up to 300 time switchcommands per week-Scenes module with up to 5000 scenes or events

-Full graphic Logic module with up to 1000 Logicfunctions

-Alarm function with up to 250 different alarm mes-sages

-Email function with up to 20 contactsare configured via a graphics web editor.

  • An additional smart editor allows the intuitive andquick preparation of simple visualisations for smart-phones with mobile browser or for room control units.
  • It provides an interface to KNX installations via datanetworks, using the Internet Protocol (IP). Concur-rently, this device provides communication from KNX devices with PCs or other data processing equipment(KNXnet/IP tunnelling).

The device is configured with the settings using ETS 3/4.It defines the data types for the 250 available KNXcommunications objects and provides basic informationfor the device and for network settings

The following data types can be chosen at the parametersetting of the communication objects:

· 1 bit· 1 Byte (0...100%)

· 1 Byte unsigned

· 1 Byte signed

· 2 Byte unsigned

· 2 Byte signed

· 2 Byte float

· 4 Byte unsigned

· 4 Byte signed

· 4 Byte float

· 14 Byte text

Further 1000 group addresses can be linked together di-rectly with the visualisation components.

The following default settings can be placed on the de-vice:

· The IP address of the device is assigned by ETS con-figuration or automatically by a DHCP service in the IPnetwork. Assigning of the IP address by a DHCP ser-vice allows changes to the IP address without config-uring the device with the ETS.

· When configuring the device with a fixed IP addressand subnet mask, a standard gateway or router canalso be defined. This gives subscribers the opportunityto access the Internet or another network.If you have queries on setting the parameters IP ad-dress of the device and subnet masks, as well asDHCP, you should contact your local network adminis-trator.

· You can set the port number of the integrated webserver.

· Web pages for viewing and the web editor can be pro-tected separately with different passwords.

· The device can be set both as a time master (syn-chronisation by time server via IP) and as a time slave(synchronisation by KNX telegrams).

· A further parameter sets a read requirement. This willsend an update to the object values after a restart/busreset.

The device is delivered with a preset IP setting:Delivery status:IP address:

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