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N 305 Scenes-Event Controller 5WG1 305-1AB01
-Hãng sản xuất : Siemens
-Tiêu chuẩn: KNX
-Xuất xứ: Đức
-Bảo hành : 24 tháng

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The N 305 scenes-/event controller is a device for DIN-rail mounting with N-system dimensions 1SU wide. The controller's application program includes scenes control and event program functions, either of which can be selected while setting the parameters.
Scenes control:
By a scene is meant a set of defined switching states or values, which will be sent as a result of a scene opening to a number of actuators. This is used, for example, to set the lighting and shading, as well as the screen and projector in a lecture room, for a presentation by a single press of a button.
The scenes control feature can program and recall up to eight scenes, in each of which up to eight defined switching states (e.g. lighting on/off, Venetian blinds up/down), or for values (e.g. lighting 70%, comfort temperature 22°C) can be controlled.
The defaults for the desired states in the individual scenes are set when installing the application parameters with ETS 3.0f (Engineering Tool Software). Also scenes can be changed by the user at runtime, programmed in the scene-/event controller and recalled later.
When programming a scene, the actuators integrated in this scene are first brought to the desired state (e.g. lighting 70%, Venetian blinds down, etc.) with the buttons or control elements provided for this purpose. The scenes- /event controller is then prompted by a corresponding bustelegram to interrogate the actuator states as currently set and to program them under the appropriate scene number.

The programmed values are maintained even after a restart of the scenes-/event controller (e.g. after a bus power failure).
The sending of the individual telegrams on calling up a scene can be delayed by a variable time from 0 to 30 minutes.

The following communication object data types are supported: 1-bit switching, 1-bit Venetian blinds, 2-bit forced control, 1 byte % value, 1 byte count value, 1 byte ASCII characters, 2 byte floating point value, 2 byte count value, 4 byte floating point value, 4 byte count value, 6 byte fault information, 14 byte character string, 1-bit and 8-bit scenes.
Scenes are recalled and programmed either via 1-bit switching commands or via 8-bit scene telegrams. Individual groups in scenes can also be defined as 1-bit scene call-ups or 8-bit scene telegrams. This facilitates conversion from 1-bit to 8-bit scene openings and vice versa.
You can use additional scenes/event controllers to increase the number of scenes or group addresses within a scene.

Event programs:
You use the event programs feature to define and process event tasks. An event opening can thus trigger the sending of several telegrams on the bus, so as to open various
functions and make various settings concurrently. The application program can construct up to eight event programs, in each of which can be triggered up to ten event tasks with various data types, such as 1-bit switching/Venetian blinds/scene, 2-bit forced control, 4-bit relative dimming, 1 byte % value 1 byte count value, 1 byte ASCII characters, 8-bit scene recall, 8-bit scene program, 2- and 4 byte floating point values (e.g. physical values such as brightness and wind speed), 2 and 4 byte count values (e.g. hours run), 6 byte fault information or 14 byte character strings.
The defaults for the desired values in the individual scenes are set when installing the application parameters with ETS 3.0f (Engineering Tool Software).
The sending of the individual event telegrams on calling up an event program can be delayed by a time variable from 0 to 120 minutes.
You can use bus telegrams with various data types such as 1-bit values, 2-bit forced control, 4-bit values, 8-bit values, 2 and 4 byte floating point and count values, 3 byte time, 6 byte fault information or 8 byte system time as event openers. Event programs are opened by means of reference values and opening conditions. Event programs can also be released and locked.

You use the ETS 3.0f (Engineering Tool Software) to allocate specific parameters and addresses and transfer these into the N 305 scene-/event controller

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